Vancouver Island University - Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing

    Vancouver Island University - Certificate in Event Management

    WPICC - Certified Wedding Coordinator

My story

"We made the best decision when hiring Brittany to be our reception coordinator! I knew after our initial meeting that we were in good hands. We met several times prior to our wedding to discuss food, decor, music, seating, tables, etc. Brittany was very professional, organized and fun! She contributed many great ideas and brought our own ideas to life. Her attention to detail was truly impressive!! Despite being thrown several curveballs Brittany never wavered. She dealt with things quickly, efficiently and independently! I would recommend Brittany's services with the highest regards!"  


     Wedding Planning has been a dream of mine since I was a young girl. It  had bounced around my brain like an excited butterfly waiting to be released. But it wasn't until I was done University and working a full time job that I realized I wanted more than just a job, I wanted to love what I do and do what I love.  When I got engaged last year, I felt so lucky to have found my forever best friend and partner in life. It opened up another side of me that I had long forgotten about, my passion for planning. When I started to plan our wedding not only was I feeling like the luckist girl alive to be marrying my best friend but I was absolutely loving every step of the wedding planning process. Those butterflies flitted around my brain and heart and I couldn't resist the unbelievable happiness this process brought me. So I let those butterflies free and started planning out my new business - Blushing Ivy. 


     My true vision for Blushing Ivy came about three months into planning my own wedding. I wanted gold coloured cutlery, a person to help me develop my theme and a person to set up and take down my decor.  

     When I asked myself who I could get to help set up, take down, and execute my vision on the day of my wedding I came to the conclusion that I would need to reach out to decorators and wedding planners. I was determined not to make my guests help as I wanted them to feel like a guest. I researched and googled and came up blank. Everyone I had reached out to was wonderful at what they did and were extraordinary in every way.  However, I was either unable to fit their fees for full decorating and planning into my budget or was feeling like I didn't require all the services they were offering and was going to end up spending money on services I wouldn't be using. I knew that I wanted to plan my own wedding but I wanted help with some of the details. 

     For the second time in a six month period I found myself feeling defeated.  I knew that a full wedding planner or decorator was ideal and well worth the money; if I had the extra money, but I also knew that I wanted to plan my own day and have help executing and planning specific pieces of my wedding. 
     I needed a tailored package. So I created Blushing Ivy, a place where brides can go to rent unique items, request custom pieces, build their own wedding packages, consult with a certified wedding planner and ultimately chose what they want in a wedding package.

And Voila! Blushing Ivy was created!


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